Fall . . . Lately . . .

This week has been all about catching up . . . my brother and his family were here for a long weekend and these past few day shave been my attempt at getting back on a normal routine with the children. They still think it is mini vacation time . . . a bit of an issue when home and school are in the same location.

This week has also been very wet so we have not been able to venture outside to much. Winter is coming . . . I can certainly feel it . . . especially after today's blustering cold winds. Our poor bunny does not like to be outside in this weather and I keep hearing his jumping and pounding inside his small, little cage. I feel so bad for him, but we can't let him out too often in the house (he is sort of potty trained, but not so well), plus, he tends to chase the children and bite them, so they are (to say the least) petrified of the soft, cute, little devil.

The leaves are almost gone from all the trees around my area . . . some trees are completely barren and some are almost desolate . . . I love the colors of fall, but once the leaves have fallen, it always seem so drab and sullen in my area. The sun rarely shines and all we see for miles and miles is skies full of grey. If you haven't noticed, I am not a fan of cold weather. I'm not looking forward to winter. I seem to shrivel up a bit each year . . . a bit more than the last . . . when winter rolls around . . . I'm already sitting around in layers . . . although I will say that I love nothing better than to lay in my bed with piles and piles and piles of blankets on top of me. Literally, I just keep layers of blankets on me and I snuggle right down in under like a caterpillar in its cocoon.