Top Ten WayS To Tick Me Off




10 of my absolute worst pet peeves... 


Now, I could go on and on about my pet peeves, namely because I have a case of Chronic Complainer. Perhaps because I think I am perfect (seriously, don't we all think this {in ALL seriousness-I am so kidding}) I could enlighten so much of the world as to what the heck they are doing wrong on a daily basis!


Stupid Drivers? People who don’t use turn signals? Drivers who speed up only to cut me off? Drivers who text and drive?  

Smokers who flick their butts at you? Or blow smoke in your face?  

Rude People? People who budge in line? Common Courtesy?  

People who put me on hold to answer call waiting?(I'm hanging up on you, just so you know) Telemarketers who can't pronounce my name correctly? People who talk over me or interrupt me!

My neighbor waking me up with her lawn mower?  

The fact that my husband can take out a new roll of toliet paper and leave it on the floor and the old roll still hanging! Bathroom Pet Peeves . . . don't even get me started!

Why do I want the details in my life so organized?
Why must I have no crumbs on my floor?

Why must the kitchen sink always be empty?

Why must I make lists?

Am I rigid?

Am I getting anyone to agree yet? I would say that each of the above examples drive me equally batty, bonkers, get me grimacing or shaking my head. One of my top peeves is . . .

parents who leave their children crying and screaming for no apparent reason! I have to say the worst sound in the entire world to me is a crying baby. Really, I can't take it! I will do everything in my power to get my babies to stop crying. If you want to send me to the nut house, put me in a roomful of crying babies. I will lose my mind!

Oh, and lastly . . . Wannabe macho, muscled guys who have bigger breasts than their girlfriends. Wear a bra losers, you all look like nuclear radiation victims.

What Are 10 Of Your Pet Peeves?

*previously partially posted on Oct 7th



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