Is it still Summer?


Standing In My Shadow

I Would Follow This Girl Anywhere!



Walking Tall

The weather has been delicious these past few days . . . just wonderful. We have spent the past 5 days outdoors. My children think it is summer again. We are completely taking advantage of this glorious weather. Soon . . . very soon . . . we will be trapped indoors from brisk winds and icy paths!


PS: Lady, if your little monster ever pushes my baby girl off the ledge again . . . well, there's no telling what I will do to you . . . So get control of your child before he really hurts someone! He also kicked a dog and knocked over a large bicycle and started to beat on it. AND he was no taller than my baby girl . . . all the while his mom chatted it up on her cell phone. I actually looked and her and said "What the HELL Lady?!"


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