What Annoys You Most About Your Spouse?


Question of the Day?

First off - I do love my dear hubs. But he has some very annoying habits.


One is blowing his nose in the shower. It totally grosses me out!
So much so, that I do not want to use the same shower as him!

Another is, after he has exercised, worked outside, raked leaves, cut the lawn (actually most anything makes him sweat) and is all sweaty, he will sit on the furniture in his sopping wet sweat soaked clothing to watch television instead of taking a shower. It totally grosses me out!

He shuffles his feet when he walks. It drives me crazy!

His driving! I fear for my life actually. It is at the point now . . . I drive, he is the passenger! It drives me crazy!

That he never hangs up his jackets, coats, puts his shoes away or that his dirty cloths are never in a hamper. We are all contantly tripping over his size 12 shoes! And the floor in our closet is covered in clothes. I don't know if they are clean or dirty. Therefore, I do not do his landry any longer. It drives me crazy!

Oh and he also pouts when he doesn’t get his way, no matter what it may be. Do you know how it looks to see a grown man pout? It drives me crazy!

On thing that especially irritates me is when I come home from grocery shopping (and I usually have no less than 2 children along with me because they don't want to stay with him and he does nothing to encourage them too). I know he hears me come home, the garage door is very loud. I know he hears me walk in the house, mostly because I have been greeted by the child(ren) left at home. I know he sees me walking to the kitchen laden with bags because his Lazy Boy chair IS RIGHT THERE. Does he move? Does he get up to help me? Does he rush out the door and EVER say, I'll get the bags for you? No, no he does not. Not ever. Not once has he surprised me, not once is he there in the garage to assist me in bag carrying. His nose never strays from the television or his laptop to even breathe the words . . . would you like some help. It drives me INSANE! (this is actually perhaps the MOST irritating issue between hubs and I)

He is so head strong . . . stuck in ways and things tend to be in black and white. There is never an in between. This is mainly with regards to our children . . . ''that's the way I was raised" "it was good enough for me". Whereas I think we should forge our own path as parents for our children. Learning as we go, making our own mistakes and learning from those mistakes. It drives me crazy!

Let's continue . . . his hairiness, his farting, his picking, his scratching, his laziness, need I say more? It totally grosses me out!

I love my husband, but I get very frustrated sometimes with him. I realize I have some flaws of my own. Like my hair-loss-issue. My long red hair is everywhere. Like my major OCD in cleaning. The fact that knives, spoons and forks need to be loaded correctly in the dishwasher!

But let's face it . . . women have more changing to do when we marry. We make the concessions (does anyone agree with me here). I have made the most changes for us and for the sake of our inner family. We have to mold everything around our husbands. Now my biggest issue is that I am ruining my son for his wife someday!

So, gals, what annoys you most about your spouse?!

This was all in good fun and hubbie knows all these annoyances as we have discussed them at great length!