The 5 Best Summer TV Shows

I have been on a bit of a British binge of late with Netflix. My son told me the other day I need to be grounded from all things British. I don't know what the draw is for me, perhaps my love of history. But I do love all these period shows that Netflix is currently streaming. My summer nights have been filled with British and Irish accents.

The 7 Best Summer TV Shows Peaky Blinders #Netflix #StreamTeam

My brother recommended I stream Peaky Blinders. And now I recommend that Peaky Blinders should be your next Netflix binge. Why I have never watched this show, I have no idea. This U.K. gangster drama is full of excitement, brutality, corruption and love.

Peaky Blinders taught me about the the day-to-day life of the common man of the UK during this era, its peoples, and its history.

The 7 Best Summer TV Shows  Call the Midwife #Netflix #StreamTeam

I happened upon Call The Midwife on evening and was hooked from the first episode. Set in the 1950s, Call the Midwife is a drama based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth. Call the Midwife chronicles new midwife Jenny Lee and other midwives and nuns working in a nursing convent in an impoverished section of London’s East End.

Call the Midwife taught me about the nurses and nuns carrying out many nursing duties across the community during the 1950's in this area. Who knew so many babies were delivered in homes?

Those are the shows that have been streaming for me, but my girls are not so much on the British kick like I am. Lately my girls have been streaming Jesse. Jesse is a nanny for an affluent family in NYC. I like that each episode always highlight a particular issue and Jesse always comes to the rescue in a positive manner.

The 7 Best Summer TV Shows Jessse #Netflix #StreamTeam

We recently streamed Worst Cooks in America and laughed over all the silly cooking antics of The worst cooks in America. This show amazes me as I didn't realize some people really are horrible home cooks.

The 7 Best Summer TV Shows #StreamTeam #Netflix The Worst Cooks in America

My girls loved it because they were able to get some recipe ideas. I told my daughters they could cook meals for our family this summer since we have easy schedules. We loved this show for the inventive ideas we were able to steal.

The 7 Best Summer TV Shows  Brain Games #Netflix #StreamTeam

I happen to like Brain Games as much as my kids do. Brain Games is all about optical illusions and memory challenges. You really can't stop watching this once you start. my family watches this together when we have a family night. This is a great family show AND it will leave you scratching your head in wonder!

Who knew you could learn fun facts from watching Netflix shows?! What have you learned on Netflix?

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