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The 5 Best Summer TV Shows

I have been on a bit of a British binge of late with Netflix. My son told me the other day I need to be grounded from all things British. I don't know what the draw is for me, perhaps my love of history. But I do love all these period shows that Netflix is currently streaming. My summer nights have been filled with British and Irish accents.

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St Patrick's Day Pretzel Bites

Candied Pretzel Bites are easy to make with colored chocolate topped on pretzels with some chocolate candy. They are perfect for any night to stream shows on Netflix. Candied Pretzel Bites with a St Patrick’s Day theme are a fun snack to make.

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Is Your Kid A Bedtime Staller? #StreamTeam

Do you have a “5 more minute” negotiator on your hands, or is your little one slow as snails come bedtime?

It is utterly ridiculous some nights in my home. My son is the staller. He just simply does not want to go to bed early because he thinks he is too old to go to bed before 10 pm/ But we all pay the price the next day when Mr. Grumpy pants waked up at very early o'clock in the morning for school.

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