Favorite December #Netflix Streaming

This month had a crashing beginning for me, quite literally. On December 1st, a young girl side swiped my SUV going 50+ mph and set the tone for my month. Today is December 23rd and I still do not have my SUV as there was $12K damage on my (almost) new SUV adn it still in for repair. Her car was totaled. My head is still healing from the whack I received on my window and I've been having migraines the entire month . . . a first for me, and something I was happy to never have experienced before.

The police report read she was at fault as she was speeding in excess. However, my insurance company accepted 70% of the fault, I'm still scratching my head over that one?? Her father owns a car repair company in our area and the only thing I can think of is that they knew exactly how to word the verbiage as to lay blame of the accident. I was fully in my lane, and the photos clearly show her crossing over into my lane and crashing into me . . . . but, what do I know? Perplexed I am?!

But, strange thing about getting into a terrible vehicle accident is that I suddenly had the desire to not go anywhere. For real! I didn't want to have to drive anywhere, aside from the fact that I can no longer drive my SUV that is being repaired, I was driving my son's SUV (my old SUV), I was terrified of getting behind the wheel of a vehicle again! What is a girl to do when she is at home all day? Netflix anyone? 

In late November and early December, Netflix began setting out the schedules for some new shows and some of my old favorites that would begin streaming soon. A lovely coincidence I might add and it solved my dilemma of the need to be at home and my sudden fear of driving.

Favorite December #Netflix Streaming

Last night we watched BRIGHT, that is currently streaming on Netflix. Bright stars Will Smith and is Netflix's original film that is set in a world where fantastical characters like orcs and elves live. My husband and I really enjoy SYFY movies and shows and liked this, but i will say, there is excessive use of language in Bright, which was a disappointment. (Really, do people actually speak like this??) 

Favorite December #Netflix Streaming
Favorite December #Netflix Streaming

Season 6 of Longmire : I am going to admit Longmire is one of my all time favorite shows to watch, like ever. What is it about cowboys? I adore Walt Longmire and am so sad to see the end of this show. I may have to pick up the books and read these. 

Favorite December #Netflix Streaming

Season 1 of The Punisher: We are HUGE Marvel fans and were excited to see another installment of a Netflix Marvel show. The Punisher was violent, as we expected, but GOOD! like really, really good! It touched your heart and made you feel bad for the bad guy who really was, deep down, just good. 

Favorite December #Netflix Streaming

Season 4 of The Peaky Blinders: Here is a show that I have been waiting FOR-EVER for the next season! The Peaky Blinders is another one of my favorite shows. I love this this show! I have to wait for my husband on this one as he will have my head if I watch this without him, so I have yet to finish this, but will by this weekend!

Favorite December #Netflix Streaming

Season 2 of The Crown: Season 1 fabulous and a great introduction to England's monarchy ad Queen Elizabeth. Season 2 had a slow beginning, but once into season 2 of The Crown, I was fully engrossed in their lives. I didn't want the last episode to be the last episode, I wanted to know more!

Favorite December #Netflix Streaming

Season 2 of Frontier: I like Frontier as I am a huge History buff and I would really like if Frontier showed more of this continent's history. This season of Frontier was a bit more violent than I had expected, but I did like it nonetheless.I hope next season covers a bit more of our nation's history though. 

Favorite December #Netflix Streaming

Season 2 of Glitch: This show hails from Australia and is a bit wonky. Season 1 of Glitch had left me with some questions and Season 2 cleared up many of these queries and answered the cliff hangers. The characters are sometimes hilarious and you feel for them. 

Favorite December #Netflix Streaming

Season 1  of Godless: I have this thing for Westerns, I don't know why. Perhaps a nod to my father who was a huge fan of them. A couple of my favorite female actresses are in Godless and are stellar. If you are looking for a great Western over this holiday break, this 7-part series is one to sit and stream. 

Favorite December #Netflix Streaming

Season 1 of Alias Grace: I watched Alias Grace the night of my accident as I had to remain awake for 8 full hours afterwards. (Nasty bump on the head and all that ensues) So, Alias Grace caught my eye and I streamed it, one episode after the other. It was enchanting, like the main character and there was a surprise in the end.

Favorite December #Netflix Streaming

Season 2 of Travelers: COMING DECEMBER 26th! 

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