Sunny Days in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


Whimsy These flowers or plants or whatever they are were growing all over Manuel Antonio. They were so "fluffy"! Don't they look so whimsical!?


Create We saw the MOST amazing sunset one evening . . . I couldn't stop taking photos of it. This is one truly amazing creation!

Dust My daughter's were digging a deep hole in the sand on the beach and I heard some high pitched squeals. I seriously didn't want to be interrupted from reading a delicious book on the sandy beaches of Manuel Antonio, but alas, I did look up to see what was causing such excitement. My girls were running towards me with glee and begging me to come over to their deep hole to see their latest discovery. I put down my ever so engrossing book (Anne Rice's The Wolf Gift and I just have to say if you are a fan of Anne Rice {I am a HUGE fan of her gothic-feeling, gory, supernatural, violent world and of The Vampire Chronicles and The Lives of the Mayfair Witches and couldn't be more thrilled with this new book, which I really hope turns into a series) with only a tad bit of regret and walked over to analyze their latest discovery.


I can't tell you how many different crabs, shells, snails and clams I had already oohed and aahed over. Imagine my surprise when I peered over into their hole and I saw a big, little fellow climbing right out of the hole in my direction. The girls were begging me to not let him escape so I grabbed one of their shovels and scooped him up. I set him down gently in the sand so we could examine him more closely. My son was intrigued by what was going on and came up to see what all the fuss was about. He laid down the stick he was carrying next to the crab and accidentally placed it on top of the crab that now had a very firm grip on the shovel.

Sadly, the big little fellow didn't let go of the shovel and his claw popped right off. He went scurrying away in the sand as fast as his legs could carry him. We didn't even notice that his claw was missing and still firmly clasped to the toy shovel untilwe a photo of him and we noticed he only raised one claw in defense. Poor big, little fellow. The claws grow back, right? Hopefully he will be molting soon!


Seed or Sprout This tiny little purple flower was sitting all alone along this lovely long stem, just begging for a photo.


Swing or Drop While vacationing in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, my family took a day trip into the rain forest and hiked, zip lined, repelled and swung on this ridiculously crazy, scary swing called 'The Tarzan Swing'. Every one of my family member's faces was filled with utter terror whilst on this horrific swing. All except my daughter, she was smiling and squealing in delight the entire time! She's a freak of nature I tell you!