Spring IS In The Air

I have not done this in so long . . . the school auction sort of overtook my entire life these past 6 months. I am happy to report that our efforts were amazing! We were able to raise $27K for the school through all our donation efforts. Our goal was to raise $35K, but we are very blessed with this amount in this economy!

I feel a bit lost from the blogging community, but I am back in the swing of things . . . hopefully. I am on my new platform . . . Square Space . . . and I.LOVE.IT!

Spring to me is G.R.E.E.N! Where I live we have 6 months of gloom and dreary, grey skies with a few days of sunshine here and there. Once summer hits, my entire mood shifts from grey to bright blues and pinks and well, green! Green grass, green leaves, green trees, you get the picture. I really need to move to a location where the sun shines everyday!

I gathered my children and we were able to plant some flowers the other day. Naturally, when you have more than once child, you can not please them all at the very same time . . . at least in my house. So, as is the case with everything that I do with all three of the children . . . someone is always left in tears. Breaks my heart everytime this happens. I wish I knew how to satisfy the needs of all three of my children at the same time.

 look how green my shrubs are . . . gorgeous!

 our dog needed to come and see what was causing all the tears, she really watches over the children

the art of sharing the hose

patiently waited for his turn while his non-patient sisters cried and insisted they be first

simply not happy to share that hose . . .

 . . . wait . . . I think I figured it out . .  I need three heads!! One for each child!