Brite Teeth Pro is a HUGE SCAM

Brite Teeth Pro is a huge scam!

I'm so furious right now, I am shaking . . .. literally shaking . . . I don't even think I can type this out, but I have to let others know.

My Experience with Brite Teeth Pro

Last July I ordered a teeth whitening product from Brite Teeth Pro . . . funny enough, from a link that someone had left on twitter . . . someone who I had visited prior and felt that it would be okay to listen to. She actually had a post about this product as well.

If you visit the actual website, no where on this site does it state that you are signing up for a program that you would be receiving further shipments of the product. Brite Teeth Pro simply stated that I would get a free sample for $1.00 plus S/H. Lovely I thought. I can try this out for a buck and see if I like it.

I receive my shipment and a letter stating that I would be receiving my next shipment shortly and to cancel within so many days and all that nonsense. I called immediately and cancelled.  First off, because both of the tubes that Brite Teeth Pro sent to me were empty. Yes, empty! And secondly, I was not interested in this mail order crap by month nonsense. The sales person on the other end actually said to me "if this is how you want to live your life and have a goal". I started to laugh and interrupted him stating "dude, I don't have a goal in life, I'm a SAHM". I received my cancellation number and that was it.

What is Home Business Secrets?

A couple of days later I received this letter in the mail stating that I had just joined this service called Home Business Secrets. I had no idea what it  was and called them to inquire how they received my name and address. I was told that I had ordered a product on line and that by doing so I was automatically signed up for their service. "Hmm . . . well, cancel me right this second I stated and credit my account whatever you have charged me or I will take appropriate legal action. " I was cancelled and that was it.

Or so I thought.

Unfortunately for me, I don't receive my credit card statements. We are paperless. I have to log on to the credit card company site to access my account and history. Sadly, I did not monitor my every charge. A couple of months went by before I noticed that I was getting a monthly charge of $39.95 to my credit card.  From Home Business Secrets. Are you kidding me? I called them right off and told them to credit my credit card back. They never did. I had to go through my credit card company for charge backs. Literally, this took me months and months to clear up!

I received over $250.00 worth of charges on my credit card from Home Business Secrets / Brite Teeth Pro!!??

Finally . . . finally I had it all cleared up. And because of this . . . I check my credit card balance almost daily. Nothing like this scam nonsense to make you paranoid.

Today - TODAY,(9 months later!!!!) I received a letter from a collection agency stating that I owed Home Business Secrets $140.00! I was instantly FURIOUS! Are you kidding me? This  . . . this %^&*$ again! I called, Apex Solution, LLC, Collections Dept and a lovely (insert sarcasm) girl named Amanda answered the phone. I asked her what this was in regards to and what the date of service was. She had the date listed as October 2009. All she needed to clear this up was a cancellation number.

Frankly, who saves a cancellation number for 7 months I asked. She told me that organized people do. This conversation went back and forth and she refused to let me speak with anyone else. She began to shout at me and speak over me and interrupt me and not listen to one word I said. She stated that she was putting on the account that I refused to send the $140.00 payment and hung up on me. SHE.HUNG.UP.ON.ME!

I promptly called the number back and she answered again and I told her, let's see if this is the number you are looking for. I gave her a number that I had written down on the saved paperwork . . . (on the aside, I have no idea why I saved that paperwork for 8 months, but thank GOD I did). She asked if I had a date and I gave that to her as well. Her voice literally turned into syrup. She thanked me and told me all was well. She wanted the conversation to end, but I kept asking her "How" did she get my information if I had a cancellation that was valid to her from 8 months ago. She simply could not give me an answer.

I'd like to think THIS.IS.IT. But I have a feeling it is not.

If you are ever inclined to have your teeth whitened . . . Please do not ever order Brite Teeth Pro! People go to your dentist!

Brite Teeth Pro is a huge scam!!

Home Business Secrets is a HUGE scam!!!