What Are You Wearing?

So I am very busy, as usual, running to and fro, losing my mind in the process. Many baseball games, sick children, ear infections, end of school year rush, all the usual mom stuff. Fundraising / recycling has overtaken my dining room! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the level of recycled items DOWN? I am currently keeping boxes and bags in my dining room, but I know this is not going to work long term. I'm thinking that all these empty recycling itmes can go in the garage. If I put one more thing in the garage for storage my husband's head is going to explode! My little one still does not like preschool. I asked her why and she told me her teacher was fat so she didn't like her. I dont' even know where that came from? Strange reason to not like your teacher I think! It has been raining here all week, glorious green grass we have, but hte mud in the back yard is killing me! Well, not really me, but I am going to kill my dog if she tracks in any more mud. She loves to roll around in the puddles and then come in my house and skake off! Lovely I tell you! Baseball game tonight and another one tomorrow morning and Monday night as well. My son has informed me that he will not, under any circumstances, ever play baseball again! Little doe she kow, that I intend for him to be a future baseball player. (I am kidding about that , but he will play again). My children are so sick of school right now, is everyone having this issue? I can barely motivate them  to even think of another day of school. 11 days and counting is what I hear from my son.


my dog kept getting in the photos . . . she would live inmy pocket if I would let her

black T-shirt - H&M

black shirt - Discovery(I like this shirt, but not the elastic band aroudn the waist, I may be cutting that off)

Jeans - True Religion (I only like skinny jeans since I am so short and it is very hard to find ones that I really like)

flips - Target - love the punch of color

bracelet/earring - Forever 21 necklace - Discovery