Scooting, Scooot, Scoot

Baby girl never learned to crawl, but scooty, scoot scooted on her toosh! Her scooting was the most adorable thing EVER. But very hard for her to get around when we were not at home! Therefore, she was carried everywhere. I didn’t mind one bit, because she was such a tiny little thing.

At 17 months baby girl finally started to walk. Our cautious little girl, she looked so adorable and was so proud of herself. She stuck by furniture and walls and was so very cautious. Two days after she started to walk she had a terrible fall. This fall led us to the E.R. I almost had a heart attack and definitely acquired a new mass of gray hair with that fall. She was diving from the recliner to the footstool and missed, smashing her face into the footstool.

Oh, it was just awful, the blood, the missing gums. Just awful! I was so afraid that she had permanently damaged her gums. Baby girl completely tore her frenulum off and the gums above her front teeth were partially missing as well. It was something awful to look at and I really feared she would be disfigured!

We took her to a Pediatric Dentist and he examined her and she was so brave. He said that her gums may or may not return, but her teeth were not damaged. But I am happy to say that right now, the gums are almost completely grown back! The frenulum is still partially missing and I am not sure if that will ever grow back.I wrote the above when baby girl turned two years old . . . I have an addendum today . . . the frenulum and the gums have been damaged again . . .oh, oh, oh. Poor Baby Girl . . . she took a nose dive or should I say face dive into our granite counters the other day.

I have a step stool up against the island in the kitchen for the children to watch me while I am cooking, cleaning, baking or just in the kitchen in general. Baby girl likes to stand on the inside of this stool leaning on the counter instead of leaning on the stool. I kept showing her where to stand and that how she liked to stand was dangerous. I was putting apples away on Sunday and I hear a thump behind my back . . . baby girl was lying on the floor . . . the thump was her head hitting the floor (and yes, it is a horrible sound for any mother to hear) . . . after she smashed her face into the granite counter.

I jumped into action immediately because I knew exactly what had happened. All the while my husband is shouting at me in the background . . . "I told you so" . . . (Yes, dear I know you told me so!) Blood, blood everywhere, quick inspection of the teeth . . . still there (granite is hard!) . . . frenulum . . . bleeding and ripped again . . . but not too bad . . . gums on uppers . . . bleeding and slighting gouged . . . bottom lip . . . . wowzy . . . big gash . . . puffy and purple. That is where most of the damage was. Not too terrible, not the worst we have seen in this house and definitely not the last we have seen in this house.

My baby girl . . . my clumsy little girl who trit-trots through this house, weaving this way and that with no real direction, running at full speed into corners and tripping over her turned in feet, my baby girl who literally gives me heart palpitations on a daily basis. My clumsy little toddler!

Please baby girl, watch where you are going . . . I don't know how much more my heart can take!