What Are You Wearing?

What are you wearing on this snowy Monday?


Oh, yuck. It's been a terrible week for getting dressed here in the Mid-West. Very cold, windy, gray, wet, dreary and today, loads of snow. It's the kind of weather where I am always shivering, feet freezing and hands like ice packs. I usually can be found snuggled in pair of jeans or velour pants with matching hoodie. My hair is usually one big static, stringy mess, sticking to everything I pass. Anyway. The sun will not be coming out today.
My attempt at taking picture in the mirror??


I'm wearing a black shirt that I got at Target, skinny Diva jeans from Old Navy (I love these, they are my favorite jeans and I have 3 pairs of them and quite frankly I don't care if skinny jeans are out of style), silver hoops from Forever 21 and black suede Sexy snowbunny boots from YOU by Crocs that I won.Aren't they super sexy and fun and they were free!!

 My 5 year old is the photographer here!


I like this idea so much, starting next week, I'm going to host a What Are You Wearing . I'm counting on you to join me. Please? But, feel free to join me today! I'm not sure what day would be the best day for this new post . . . any ideas peeps?

shirt - Target - $14.99
jeans - Old Navy - 2 years old
boots - You by Crocs - Free
earrings - Forever 21 - $5.00
watch - Target - $20.00
bracelets/necklaces - gifts from hubbie
Baby Girl Attire - Target - $10.00

So, what are you guys wearing?


PS - How do you take pictures of yourself in the mirror??