It's Real Life in My Kitchen



My utensil Drawer which sits in my island & the cup boards under the island
My pantry & the cupboards are beside the pantry


These cupboards are above my stove and the counters beside the stove.
And, yes, I am that anal about the cupboard on the left!
This is the cupboard below the spices/beside the stove & the lazy susan cupboard is on the other side of the stove.
Above the fridge - I can not access these cupboards, so they are empty
My sink and under the sink
These cupboards are above the desk area. See all the dust on the liquor bottles, I can't even tell you how old those bottles are. We don't drink, so they sit and collect dust.
This is the desk area in the kitchen and the most inefficient setup! I hate this desk, it drives me crazy and is currently the dumping ground for homework, home-schooling, advent calendars, home calendars or anything else that gets dumped here.

Another fun It's A Real Life from Jessica . . . I keep strange things in my kitchen I think, all my breakables and NICE "stuff" in stored in the dining room where the children are forbidden. I just have to say, that my kitchen is NOT BIG ENOUGH! Doesn't everyone say this?