Pinstripes | Bowling-Bocce-Bistro

Last week we headed over to Pinstripes. Pinstripes is a facility that offers Bowling, Bocce and Bistro. In addition, there is a year-round outdoor patio and fire pit which is gorgeous. There is event space and party rooms that will accommodate 20-600 people if you are looking for a party location.  You can enjoy lunch, brunch or dinner, private parties, weekend live blues and jazz, wine dinners, mom & tot play dates, clubs and leagues and other exciting promotions.

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I have been taking the children to Pinstripes for years for the Mom and Tots bowling and we always have a wonderful time. The Mom & Tots Bowling if offered Moday through Friday for $5 and moms bowl for free. Pinstripes is a great spot to gather your mom friends and have a bowling playdate.


We have always seen the Bocce section, but never ventured over there. This time around, I made sure this is what we were going to try out instead of bowling.

If you are looking for something new and exciting for your family to experience, I have the perfect family sport. BOCCE. Bocce is without a doubt one of the most enjoyble sports my family has done together!


We received a quick lesson and were off rolling our Bocce balls!

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How To Play Bocce

Bocce is played with eight large balls and one smaller ball, called the pallino.  Divide the bocce balls evenly between the number of players We split up into teams and I took photos (if you are an odd number, simply take turns with a player - that is what I did when little arms got tired). The balls are different colors so it will be each to disguish who is one what team.

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The pallino ball has to make it across the red line - sissy is the best cheerleader! Guess who LOVED to throw the pallino ball? Yeah! The pallino ball made it across the red line! Game on! One player (or in our case, the smallest child threw the pallino ball every game) will throw the pallino and the same player will throw his first bocce ball. The purpose of the game is to get your bocce balls as close as possible to the pallino. After the first player has thrown his first bocce ball, he closest to the pallino than any of the competitors balls(obviously becuase that is the only ball on the court). Each player takes their turn throwing the Bocce ball and attempt to get closest to the pallino.

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After all the bocce balls have been thrown (or rolled if you have small children), the player that is closest to the pallino get a point. Also, if this player has another ball that is closer to the pallino without the other team's ball being in between, they are awarded a second (or third) point.  Then you begin again on the opposite side. Play the game to seven points and HAVE THE BEST EVENING EVER!


My children and I have had the opportunity to eat at Pinstripes before as we have been coming here for years with the Mom and & Tots bowling and usually end up enjoying lunch after bowling. My husband, on the other have, has never joined us for any of these bowling mornings and had not eaten at Pinstripes. They feature a bistro with exceptional Italian - American cuisine. We let hubbie pick from the menu so he could enjoy the bistro for the first time.

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AntiPasto & Cheese Platter Fried Mozarella Tenderloin Sliders My son stated this was the BEST burget he had ever in his life! (and he has sampled burgers on 4 continents!)I forgot to take a photo of the Hummus and Avocado Platter, but it was just as delicious as it sounds! The bistro food was amazing and we left only crumbs. My husband was delighted! I was happy to note the menu offered many gluten-free selections!

With are tummies full and our fun charts overflowing, we left Pinstripes with smiles and satisfaction for a successful Family Fun Evening!

Disclosure: I was provided a game of Bocce and refreshments in exchange for a review. As alwyas, my opinions are my own. No compensation has been received.