Summer Treats

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What could be better in the summer than camping and campfires?

Well, a comfortable bed and air conditioning comes to my mind!

During my childhood I slept in tents and sat by camp fires every summer, all summer long. I adored sleeping outdoors, but something I loved even more was roasting marshmallows. There is great skill needed to roast the perfect marshmallow. "Roasting a marshmallow is easy" you say. Well, I beg your pardon there. You need to have your grown up pants on to roast the perfect marshmallow. The perfect fire, the right equipment and oh, so much patience.

There seems to be only about a month or so of summer left and therefore, only a month to get your tents pitches and your fires burning. I'm so fortunate that we have our own lovely backyard fire pit and won't be packing up any gear and heading for any forests in the near future. I'm happy that I can roast to my heart's content right in my backyard.

I have passed this winning technique to my children and they have also perfected the art of roasting marshmallows. They understand the key is locating the perfect spot in which to place the marshmallows and the wrist. Keeping the mallow turning in a circular motion so as not to set it aflame. Once in awhile, a marshmallow will turn black and need to be tossed right into the flames and the process must begin again. This is where the patience part is essential to your perfectly toasted marshmallow.

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About this point, your mallow will be browning beautifully and getting gooey in the middle. You must ensure that your mallow doesn't slide right off, so remember to keep your roasting fork level with the burning embers. Just a few more moments and your marshmallow will be ready for you.

Now is the moment you take your perfectly roasted marshmallow and make a delightful s'more and enjoy a summer treat.

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