Black Eyed Susans In Bloom

Raw This past Monday I was driving home with the children and we passed by this field of flowers . . . usually at the end of July it is so stinking hot in Chicago that nearly every blade of grass is dead as dead can be. However, this year has been quite wet and cool and there was this lovely field of wild flowers where there normally would be a field of brown weeds. 

fieldofflowers (15 of 1).JPG

I nearly broke everyone's back turning in there so quickly because I simply had to snap off some photos. My first shot is completely in raw and unedited (I didn't even watermark it yet). The second is slightly editing and watermarked.

summerday2013 (18 of 1).JPG

Cooling Off We have a splash pad up the hill from our house, which we do not frequent too much as the kiddos don't really enjoy it that much. Except this one daughter of mine decided this summer to enjoy it immensely. Go figure?!

pinstripesSB (14 of 1).JPG

Iced Beverage So I have a summer drink that I have become a bit addicted to. Frappes. Oh How I Adore This Drink!

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Leaves The blooms on my tree this summer were so pretty.

fieldofflowers (4 of 1).JPG

Cooler Colors Here is the same field of flowers I was speaking of earlier . . . I was off walking through the flowers to capture some shots and the girls decided they wanted to join me. The girls have been sick this week, so I was surprised they wanted to pose for me. This one was running a 102 temp and still posed for me. Such a trooper! (and we were on our way home from Dr and pharmacy when I spotted the field)