A couple of weeks ago we took the children to the city to give our exchange student an official tour of Chicago.

We were blessed with an amazing, gorgeous, sunny day! Our first stop was Millennium Park and it could not have been a more fabulous day for our children to frolic in the water. I forgot to bring a change of socks and pants for my children and my daughter was soaked  . . . so they ran around for an hour or so afterwards with wet pants and zero socks on their feet. (I don't think they minded one bit).

I really could not decide what photo to use this week as I have so many wonderful shots from this day. This particular phot really captures my daughters personalities . . . one shouting to the skies, pants rolled down (because I wanted them up), hair in her face (because she refuses to wear a hair clip) . . . the little one standing beside her big sister, smiling sweetly, ever the shy one, keeping her pants rolled up (because momma told her too), leaving her clips in her hair.

This photo makes me smile and and my heart swell. Two girls . . . I have two daughters . . . I love them . . . literally too much I think (is this possible?)