Well, I guess the third time is the charm, right? Because this is the third time I am typing up this post. My head is ready to explode right now! Guess what color my hair is - ORANGE! Like a flame! (hit save)

My husband crashed my computer awhile back here and ever since then . . . problems, issues. I can't get anything done. Every attempt this morning has been foiled by a crash. Hubbie disable cookies on Mozilla yesterday and when I asked him why, he told me because he doesn't like Mozilla and I should just use Internet Explorer. Well, I do not like Internet Explorer! Hubbie ultimately crashed my computer because he felt the need to add additional user accounts. This created all sorts of problems and crash - blue screen. The computer has since been repaired, but hubbie can.not, LEAVE IT ALONE!!!(hit save)

He adds this software and that software that will constantly run in the background making my computer S.o.s.l.o.w. . . . I'm furious. It takes me hours to figure out what he has done and disable it just so I can log on to one simple website without the window crashing! I'm seriously giving him an earful tonight. It is after 1 PM and I have been attempting this post for three hours!!! (hit save)

When hubbie crashed my computer he lost all my email contacts (stinks, but all the old emails are intact), all my bookmarks (really ORANGE over this because it took me hours to find lovely sites that I love), all my FUN fonts (again, hours of wasted time now) and my Lightroom was gone. I was able to reload my beloved photo editing software, but all my presets were gone (again, hours and hours of searching and loading). But now, Lightroom will not even respond. I can open the application, but it does nothing, then shazamm, closes and closes everything else along with it. So upset about this! (hit save)

So my ORANGE photos will not have the WOW factor that I was hoping for with editing. Just SOCC!

Enjoy, while I go put my ORANGE hair out!

The girls at a local pumpkin patch with their tiny pumpkins that we painted and decorated with stickers.

Lovely ORANGE, flat pumpkins!

A Teacher scrapbook I just finished. Awesome giraffe at a local pumpkin farm.