In The Orchard

Going to an orchard each year is a special treat for my children . . . in 2008 we went to a fabulous apple orchard . . . it was fantastic  . . . and I can't remember the name of it!!!!!! Last year we visited an orchard,and sadly, it was not The One. This year, I thought I found 'The One' . . . . and gosh darn it, it was not!! While the apple orchard this past month was better than the 2009 apple orchard . . . it was not the 2008 apple orchard. The One! I have scoured through old receipts, photos, everything I can think of to discover the name of 'The One' perfect apple orchard we visited in 2008 (and I forgot my camera that year so I have zero photos, only a couple of photos from my husband's phone) . . . I've come to the conclusion that I dreamed that perfect day up! My Apple Orchard woes will continue until 2011!

Yet still another photo of the three of my children in my quest for the absolutely most perfect photo in the entire world! Fail!