LOVE for the Mind and Body, I believe in nurturing the whole child

As a busy momma of three little ones, I value the quality time that I have (and actually get) with each one of my children.


I am a marshmallow with my children, I really am. I think I am this way for a couple of reasons. One being that I had very rigid parents who never, ever wavered once with a smile or a pat on the head or even a thumbs up.

Secondly, my son, my beautiful first born baby boy who had so many compounded issues when he was a baby and toddler paved the way for my role as a mother. My son who struggled for so long to even speak one single word. My son has Sensory Integetion Disorder and Apraxia. At age two he started intense therapies and throughout this he was resilient and optimistic.

I learned how to interact with my son and eventually my daughters when they were born  . . . who are completely different from my son . . . but each child unique and special to me. I learned how to praise my children for the best growth for their hearts and inquisitive minds. I do not withhold praise. I just give clear messages that my children understand and respect. They are emotionally aware of who they are and how I feel about them..

Do I make mistakes. Of  course. I work for improvement but never perfection. I am empowered and hopeful. My method is simple . . . LOVE. I LOVE through thinking, learning, nutrition and exercise. We practice and define love through thinking. I love my children and my children love me. We love our bodies through healthy food choices. We show love to our bodies through games and physical activities. All these methods are quite simple through arts and crafts projects, dance and gymnastics, drama and the use of our imaginations and stories, written and make believe, as well as shopping, baking and cooking with smart food for our brains.

My favorite activity of love is reading with and to my children. The cuddles, the snuggles, the closeness, the words, the transportation from the words, the dreaming, the inevitable questions . . .  we LOVE to read in this house and I hope that never ceases. A close second is baking delicious cupcakes and of course, eating them!

The biggest challenge I face as a mother is TIME. I have three children and time with each one . . . quality time with each one is a challenge . . .  something I work very hard at perfecting! I hate having to say 'one more minute please'.

Motherhood is all encompassing for me. When my husband and I decided to have children . . . I didn't 'decide' to stay home . . . I simply could not leave. I became a SAHM and that was okay with me (actually, more than okay). I am the stereotypical mother . . . chef, maid, laundress, driver, therapist, teacher,  coach, doctor, disciplinarian, mediator, craft coodinator, mentor, (sometimes)seamstress, play date and most importantly . . . a friend.


I chose this perfect path and everytime I look back, my heart swells with love and pride at the roller coaster ride it has been. I'm a blessed mother, even though I am just one big marshmallow.