Happy Autumn

So this day, today, I am now attempting to write this post . . . again . . . yes, still having computer woes, thanks to my lovely husband who can not fo rthe life of him sto messing up my computer. I seriously do not know what the heck he did, but it just does not work except in SLOW motion!

I had a lovely post typed out (and naturally I did not yet hit the save button) and poof, there goes firefox because I opened LightRoom . . . even though dear husband told me he had fixed 'the issue'. Alas, it is not fixed and Lightroom still does not run correctly on our computer because he has blocked everything!

Anyway . . . Autumn . . . it is quite a lovely season . . . one of my favorites . . . until this week. Chicago has been wet and windy. Really windy! We have numerous large, old oak tress in our yard and you would not believe the piles of leaves we have! My children are ever so happy to frolic outside and drag all the cracked and broken leaves into my house in their hair and clothing! Every time I open our back door, the wind practically takes the door off the hinges and a slew of leaves sneak right in!

Dear husband has been out raking leaves, blowing leaves, piling leaves and seriously, you can not even tell. We have that many leaves! Our neighbor has decided that this year she is going to blow all her leaves into our yard for us! 'Thank you dear neighbor, you suck arse!' Thankfully her house is for sale, I hope she moves soon!

 Nothing says Autumn like a visit to the city to view the skyline from The Ledge at The John Hancock (AKA: The Willis Tower). My little one plopped herself right on the bottom of the ledge to get a great view. Seriously, this makes me dizzy just looking at the photo. I couldn't even go out there!

Nothing says Autumn more to me than trips to the doctor! It is the beginning of colds and sneezing and runny noses and strep throat . . . at least in my house it is that way. Autumn begins a long six months of sick kids that pass whatever bug they have on to their siblings and ultimately . . . to me!

Happy Autumn!