Learning By Example

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Relaxing We took some time to enjoy each other this week at the park . . . just relaxing and having some fun . . . naturally, my kiddos just ignore me and play on their iPod Touches . . . that MineCraft is just to enticing to them.

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Inspiring PersonThis little one inspires me every day to be a better momma . . . she loves me so much and tells me no less than 10 times every hour. She is my little snuggle bunny and I adore all the hugs she gives me. She has loads of allergies and huge issues with her eyes, but it doesn't stop her lovely little spirit.

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Written Words We went the the Creation Museum last week and had a wonderful time and family weekend.

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Memories I went to Mexico a couple of weeks ago and had such a fabulous time. I visited a Natural Park and was able to view this little guy. I just wanted to cuddle him up in my arms . . . so adorable.

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Best Friend These two girls are the best of friends and the best of enemies of late. I don't know what is going on with these two girls, but the silly little irruptions that are occurring more than not are horrible. This has never happened before and has this momma quite concerned. Fortunately, almost as quickly as the arguing begins, it ends and they are asking each other for forgiveness and hugging it out and back to being best friends again.