Enjoying the Sunny Days

So if you knew me you would know that I am late to everything . . . and I mean everything . .. I don't do it intentionally . . . I really do try to be on time . . . I give myself plenty of time to prepare and get ready . . . but somehow . . . I am always late.

Late to Life is my expression.

I guess I just don't pay attention enough to what is going on around me. I'm the last one to know anything as well. Sometimes it really irritates me that I never find anything out, but other times, I find it a blessing.

We have had so much rain and gloomy this summer, I didn't think we would ever see the sun. However, this past week, and this week as well, the sun has been shining its happy face on us. You will never hear me complain about the sun beating down on us. I adore sunny days . . . we have so few in the Chicago area that I simply soak up every single one that we are blessed with. Since there has been so much rain, everything is so gorgeous and lush and green around this area. I adore it as it makes for some great photo ops.

I will be driving about and see a location and mark it down that I must come back to snap off some photos. Like this gorgeous set of flowers, I have no idea what they are . . . but they sure are stunning.

CreationMuseum (38 of 1).JPG

Now, here is my reason for the lateness explanation . . . I had all my props prepared ahead of time for Fourth of July photos with my kiddos. . . . however, time escaped from me and I was never able to get a little session in with the, (the rain didn't help matters either). Thus, my colorful Fourth of July session is not a Summer Celebration session.

I'm taking these props with me to Iowa in the beginning of August and using them at the Iowa State Fair for some sessions that I will be shooting there. I'm so delighted to be shooting some of my favorite families at a fabulous location. {If you are in that area, I still have some available spots and other surprises}

summerday2013 (6 of 1).JPG
summerday2013 (5 of 1).JPG
summerday2013 (4 of 1).JPG
summerday2013 (8 of 1).JPG
summerday2013 (18 of 1).JPG
summerday2013 (23 of 1).JPG

I took the children to a local splash park in our area . . . they really do not enjoy going there that often . . . I have two that despise water in their faces and the other wants a playmate . . . so it just never works out well. I wanted to take them for selfish reasons, obviously, but also to cool them off a bit and to let them run around. My daughter is all about posing for me . . . she is so awesome and is up for anything I ask of her. My little one, now, she is not about the water at all and shuttled herself right over to the park. We enjoyed ourselves, in spite of ourselves.