A Green Adventure

I discovered this adorable plant . . . and I really have no idea what it is . . . I just simply adore the look of it . . . it is so whimsical and fun . . . I had to snap some photos of it . . . it's so green, you know?

CreationMuseum (49 of 5).JPG
CreationMuseum (51 of 5).JPG
CreationMuseum (52 of 5).JPG

Life is an adventure . . . right?

Since I've become a mother, I've become a bit of a worrier . . . like I worry about everything. I'm a walking, worrying mess I tell you. I fret about so many things. It's bordering on ridiculous. I really just need to give my head a break from all the needless worrying.

"Don't worry about anything: instead, pray about everything" Phillipians 4:6

The funny thing is before I had children, I was not the least bit worried about anything. I was all about having fun and just doing anything and everything possible. After I returned from Mexico a couple of weeks ago, my brother called me and stated, "I loved seeing the photos of you on facebook being adventurous again . . . I miss that sister."

karismaMexico (86 of 86).JPG

WOW!  . . . . . . . Right? I even RAN AND JUMPED off the platform instead of gently gliding off.

I need to really get out of the shell that I have placed myself in and remember to have some fun again. I have been trying this past week to let loose with the kids.

summerday2013 (33 of 1).JPG

I took the children paddleboating last night and that is something I would not normally do. I would simply fret too much that someone would fall out.

Guess what? No one fell out. AND. My son told me that was one of the best activities he has ever done.

summerday2013 (35 of 1).JPG
summerday2013 (34 of 1).JPG
summerday2013 (32 of 1).JPG

Shell - I'm kicking you to the curb! Here's to more fun days for me in the future!