So I am certainly not together enough to get this post upon the newly scheduled day of Wednesday. But, better late than never, which is what happened last week!

I have been attempting unsuccessfully all morning to add the LightRoom Plugin to watermark my photos . . . AGH! I can not for the life of me get it to work! So frustrating! I think I am going to have to break down and purchase the LightRoom manual, which I do not want to do because it is $50!

I sit in my office at various times throughout the week and my children could (and are) doing their own thing (playing etc) . . . but as soon as I sit at the computer, they want to come into the office and get into all my scrapbooking "stuff". I swear my daughters use more of my expensive glue than anything else . . . . wait my 7 year old really likes my good paper! I buy them construction paper, but they have this innate need to use my things! Guess it is in the genes!

Now, if I am cleaning my house, my children ignore me . ..  why is that??

Homeschooling is going very well with my daughter. She loves it . . . I love it. I have purchased almost all curriculum for her and will a post on this shortly. I still am looking for history materials however. Any suggestions? I am even homeschooling my little one two days a week and she in literally enjoying these mornings with me more than I had expected. She will keep saying to me, "More homework, Momma!". I love that! My daughter keeps stating, "more Math, Momma?!" . . . yes darling, heavy on the Math today!


Little one on the "L"aptop.




Oh, and look at that - Watermark and I have no idea HOW I did that because it WOULD NOT SAVE FOR ME!!!!! Too funny, I couldn't see this watermark until I loaded this photo to my blog? So confusing! ANyway . . . "L"evitation with Mind Flex!