Anything But A Face

What a great weekly challenge . . . to get away from the face . . . I love to take photos of my children's feet and hands . . . to look back at how tiny their extremities were just a few short years ago . . . this one is my daughter's feet and hands . . . she refuses to wear socks . . . well, barely anyway. Since she won't wear socks, her little toes are constantly getting banged up . . . toenails ripped and chipped . . . bloody toes are a common thing in my house . . . I happen to have captured it here . . .

Seriously though . . . what it is about socks and children's feet? If I can get my daughter to wear socks, she must (MUST) pull those babies up to her knees, not one little wrinkle can be found in her socks. If she feels a bunch in her sock(s), she will sit down where ever she is and promptly take her shoe(s) off and "adjust" her sock to pulled-up-perfection! It cracks me up. If this socks are too long and go over her knees, she refuses to wear them . . . if the socks are too short and don't meet her knees, she refuses to wear them!

My little one is the exact opposite about her socks. She will only wear short socks . . . because anything longer simply itches her too much. If the socks are just a tad high, she will roll them down to a perfect rolled up looking cinnamon roll around her ankle.

Oh, the joy of socks in my home!