Cell Phone

Cell phone photo taking is something I am NOT good at . . . or familiar with. Until just this past week, I have had a very old cell phone that barely took photos(I didn't even have internet on my cell phone).

I finally upgraded to a fun gadget-y cell phone with loads of apps that I have absolutely no idea how to use! I know that I have a 5MP camera on my phone though.

I will not be handing in my Canon anytime soon - believe me there!

I was putting away laundry this morning and could hear my son's Nintendo DSi, but I didn't know where he was . . . I peeked over the top of the railing ot see where he was and the funny little boy was sitting on the landing of our stairs, minding his own business, content as ever to sit in his pajamas and giggle to his heart's content over flip notes (is anyone else annoyed by these silly things??)

As I was snapping off some photos on my new Android phone, my son states . . . "you better not post this" . . . sorry little dude! So posted!