I've a Secret to Tell You

My children know they are not allowed to play or roam about in my dining room. I know this is horribly mean of me, but it is something that I absolutely refuse to budge on. They have free reign over my entire house . . . even my bed . . . but the dining room. Seriously, off limits.

Well, Elf on the Shelf was a naughty little elf and happened to find himself in the dining room for the third time. My son had to let him know that he (himself, not the elf) was not allowed in the dining room and little elfie was going to get him and his sisters into big trouble with momma.

So, Elfie, if you are listening, please don't hide-y in my dining room any longer.
It seriously upsets my son!

And in all defense of myself, I'm not the one to hide this little bugger in the dining room. On the mornings that I totally forget, hubbie will hide this little guy in the dining room. In the most inappropriate spots where my children know they are absolutely not allowed to peek, touch, roam or even place a fingertip upon.

Hilariously enough I have been forgetting to hide this little guy and last night I jumped out of bed at 4:23 AM when miraculously I remembered in my slumber. I scared the crap out of the dog bolting down the steps and fumbling my way about in the dark. Elf is causing serious anxiety all around!