Christmas Tour of My Home

It's time for the Christmas Tour of Homes with many homes. I'm so excited! It is going to be so fun to take a peek into everyone's homes decorated for the holidays! Can't wait to show you a bit of what I have up right now.

Welcome to my house all decked out for the holidays!

I usually let my husband decorate the outside but he is simply too busy this year and declared he had no time to hang one single light. I actually like the house with out lights out side, so I did not mind in the least. I bought this wonderful mesh this year and hung this up with some garland. I actually have some large round ornaments left to hang up as well, but the weather turned very cold, very quickly, and I was not brave enough to venture out there to finish. Hopefully this week.

A close up of the top of my tree - I love it so much! I like BIG and bold and GOLD! If you haven't noticed!

The nutcracker collection, of which I have too few! I have to refrain myself from not purchasing more. Really what I want the absolute most is a nutcracker as tall as my husband! Wouldn't that be grand in the foyer!

the girls made this one, not so circle-y, but they had fun with this task! Note to self, hot glue all the ornaments first!!

My front staircase with the many, many ribbons on the posts with the monkeys keeping guard.

more photos of the front staircase. I used two separate garlands twisted together here

the back staircase

This is the mantel in my family room and this year I took 4 separate garland pieces and twisted them all together, took a few nutcrackers, santas and misc ornaments and horns and I simply LOVE it!

this is the table in my foyer

Oh, and Elf on the Shelf, the sneaky little guy that I have forgotten to hide, twice!