A Challenge to Myself to keep it simple & Homemade this year


I made a personal challenge with myself this holiday season . . . I would give handmade gifts to everyone . . . and it's killing me! (fits of laughter going on now due to lack of sleep, well, more than normal the lack of sleep). It is now 1 AM and I have just finished crafting for the evening and I think my eyeballs are going to fall out! However, I do need to sneak in a post!


I am almost completely done with my hand made gifts. I just have a few finishing touches on a couple of items. I ran out of a specific ribbon and need to locate it somewhere! My fingers are raw from sanding paper down to smooth edges on chipboard (everyone does this right?).

I found this Ornament Wreath Challenge (like I don't have enough to do) and thought it so gorgeous that I need to have one (or two) in my house. I was picking out round ornaments in colors I liked as my children were running down the aisles in Walmart with Santa hats on. They asked if they could pick out some bulbs and I decided to let the children pick whatever colors they wanted and do this project instead. I think it will a great kid activity with my supervision.

The funny thing is I went to the dollar store to look for, well, $1 round ornaments. Do you think the dollar store had $1 round ornaments. Well, no they did not. Why is that? I went to two different dollar stores in my area. What the heck? I ended up at Walmart and the bulbs were cheaper there? Seriously, what the heck? And, that is the first time I ever went into a dollar store and I won't be back!


I can't wait to do these ornament wreaths . . . hopefully I can contain myself and not try to "take over" from the children.

I had the opportunity to interview Jake Cherry (starred Night at the Museum 1&2) and I have to type up this interview. What a gracious young man! Can't wait to see what this young star does in the next few years!