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Facial Feature My son is taking Art Drawing this year at his school. He attends a Classical Christian homeschool co-op once a week at the Grammar level. The program itself is considered quite rigorous, but my son was a bit bored with the classes. After a very rough transition from a private Christian school, the only class that made his day pleasurable was Art Drawing. Most parents are pulling their students our of Art Drawing at this time because their other studies are falling short. My son is really begin to enjoy all of his classes, but most especially Art. Here he is out on our deck trying to create the best shadows for shading.Shadow This is our demonic bunny running circles around my son while he was drawing. My son is shouting at me to grab the bunny before he bites him. This bunny is so dang cute, but he is horrible. Literally, I won't go near him without thick gloves and a jacket. The other night I just wanted to quickly clean his cage a bit and had him sitting on my lap . . . I should have known better, because he let me have a good nip on my thigh. He's the devil I tell you. In this photo, he is rubbing his scent on our deck. Whenever we let him outside, he rubs his chin along everything, it's weird and cute and hilarious all at the same time.


Spicy This one had me thinking and searching and finally I took the kids to a Mexican restaurant to see if I could locate anything that struck me enough to snap off a photo. I saw these cool maracas hanging on the wall and snapped off a few photos. Everyone was staring at me like I was coocoo, so I didn't take any other photos. This is as spicy as I could find.


Gold While most things in this area are looking quite ugly and dead and wilted. I found this field of lovely weeds to snap off some closeups. They are really dirty right now as we just had a small snowstorm yesterday. Now everything is dirty and black from all the exhaust.


Fabric I'm not sure what sort of fabric this little big dude is covered in, but he completely frightened my little one. (You can see him at the Field Museum in Chicago now)