Motorola went ahead and made another rugged product, calling this the MOTOACTV. The MOTOACTV is the world's first GPS fitness tracker and smart music player, all in one. If that's not enough, the MOTOACTV gives you to option to connect to your Motorola Android smartphone. The MOTOACTV is available for $249.99 (8GB).


The MOTOACTV has a nice 1.6-inch screen

Setup The MOTOACTV is an Android device, so if you are familiar with Android, the MOTOACTV will be easy and simple for you to navigate. When you use the MOTOACTV for the first time, simply create your online account and enter your Wifi networks for the device to upload data with, and your age, gender, and weight. All of this is fairly intuitive, and the MOTOACTV really walks you through it. You will need to install the Motorola's MotoCast software for the first time use of the MOTOACTV, in order tosynced up with your device, which would likely be my husband's only negative comment.

Music My husband is one to work out with music, so the added bonus of tieing songs to workouts was a huge plus for him. The MOTACTV synchronized his music library using the Motocast software that was installed.  He simply selected the files and the ACTV took care of it. Additionally, there is the capability to sync your entire iTunes library or selected play lists.

Cyclists My husband prefers to cycle rather than run. The MOTOACTV allows you to setup multiple bike profiles tied to different bikes(for instance, one for my husband and another for myself).  

In addition to walking, running and cycling, the MOTOACTV features to other modes such as elliptical and step machine.  The MOTOACTV is catering to not just runners, but to all health conscience individuals. The MOTACTV includes a significant amount of data field customization.  Each sport includes the ability to configure different data fields.  Within each sport you can have one fully configured data page with up to four data fields.

Design The display is made out of Corning Gorilla glass, which claims to be resistant to impact and scratches.  The MOTOACTV should withstand most everyday bumps and drops just fine.

Performance The MOTOACTV also includes fully detailed maps. MOTACTV maps where you you are going and where you have gone.  Maps are provided for North America, Central America, portions of South America, and all of Europe.  The MOTACTV unit has 1.6GB of loaded maps loaded, but there are additional free maps directly on the site available to download.

My husband's favorite feature is the ability to sync workouts via WiFi. Each time my husband works out the MOTOACTV will sync with his account. is Motorola’s new fitness website. By the time my husband comes upstairs from working out, his workout is up and ready to view. Simply click on workout to view the stats of recent activities. The metrics are available for pace, distance, calories burned, the workout route/map, cadence, heart rate, speed and it will also record all of the songs you listened to during the activity.

There is also a calendar function for planning workouts, but perhaps the most interesting feature is the workout creator.  This function allows one to create workouts with targeted zones and paces. Once the planned workout is on the watch, they show up on the scheduled date/time waiting for execution. This is perfect for my husband who has set a goal this year to lose weight. He can set his goals directly on the ACTV for his weight loss, workout frequency and also to increase stamina each time he works out.

Accessories There is an impressive line of accessories you can snap your MOTOACTV in to.


(From top-left to bottom-right: arm band, wrist band, bike handlebar clip, waist clip)

My husband wears the arm band or the wrist band while working out and is not bothered at all by the style. He did state that the wrist band did get a little sticky after working out(but he sweats A LOT).  My husband has not tried the waist clip, but he uses the bike clip the most and is completely satisfied with it.

He stated the arm band was very comfortable and he did prefer this one. He pops in his Bluetooth headphones and is off riding on his bicycle.

Final Thoughts The MOTACTV was a wonderful surprise for my husband. It has motivated him to exercise regularly again. The MOTOACTV device has my husband wanting to exercise and get in shape again. Having three devices in one is pretty awesome.

The good:The MOTOACTV is tough enough to withstand everyday hazards with its tough Gorilla glass. It is small and light. For a device that is so small there is a lot of features to customize. Features include a 1.6-inch screen, 600MHz processor, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS and music player. It is great quality and it does exactly what it says it is going to do.

The bad:The MOTOACTV rough-and-tumble aesthetic isn't for everyone. The pedometer tracking is a bit off and needs a bit of tweaking. Battery life is good, but could be better.

The bottom line:The MOTOACTV  is a great Android fitness tracker and smart music player and GPS (all in one), for those who want to count calories and train hard.

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 Disclosure: Please read my disclosure policy. My opinions are my own. Images provided to me by Motorola