Fall Fun Days

I can't believe I was actually fully prepared for this week's challenge! My week has been crazy . . . returning from a very busy weekend, sick children all week long, misplaced homework assignment, found homework assignments, party planning, school outings and all while trying to keep my house clean, clothes washed and dinner on the table! Don't even ask me if I have had time for a shower, which by the way I have, but my hair is another story!

It has been raining here on and off for the past day or so and it was so easy to capture some water dripping around my house.


I just started a unit study for my kiddos on dinosaurs but from the perspective of the bible . . . as in how do dinosaurs fit in the bible {which if you didn't know, they do}. It may be hard to explain to children these days with so much conflicting information.

BUT, my kiddos know we always refer to the bible first. Not all scientists get it right all the time.This is a photo {well, two shots really} of my girls . . . last year and this year . . . at the pumpkin farm . . . my dear daughter nine has fully lost any little girl-ness she had left in her face{oh deep sigh there}and her hair has grown so much as well as herself growing a full two inches this past year. Little baby girl has lost a bit of chubbiness in her cheeks, but otherwise looks the same to me.


My daughters play the violins and they love it. I love listening to them play the violins. I have no clue how to read music or paly any instruments, but am mustering through with giving them lessons everyday {except for the days we actually have lessons with a teacher}. They amaze me how far they have come in the past year especially since I am not musically inclined. This one's fingertips were going so fast I can't believe I captured this shot!


We have several large oak trees in our yard and they have been quite fruitful these past few years. Let me just say the squirrels and chipmunks will never leave our yard!