Been Busy This Week


♥ Orange The children and I went to the pumpkin patch last Friday and then by Monday we were all sick. Two of my kiddos were on the mend before our little outing and then full on sick again after school on Monday. By Wednesday we were all a miserable mess. My little one had to be put on a breathing machine to help her get through the day and everyone is on heavy antibiotics to get over the worst of these colds. I'm happy to say that tonight we are feeling better, but most of us still have lingering heavy coughs (me included). Here is the Dragon Pumpkin Eater at the pumpkin farm.


♥ Faceless Portrait A couple of weeks ago I have a maternity session with an amazing couple and below is a shot that she really wanted taken. Adorable!


♥ View from the Top Here is a shot that I suggested to her . . . it was hilarious because the entire time she was lying on the floor, her baby was moving all around and each photo I took, her stomach was distorted in a different position. I think this turned out rather nice.


♥ Cozy Doesn't this look like a cozy place to sit and rest?


♥ Stacked This week I made some cookies in a jar . . . I was baking them up late on Thursday evening as I wanted to give them to some fellow homeschooling moms at co-op. I have been helping out with the Art classes the past couple of weeks assisting the Art teacher with a Photography unit. This week I was teaching the children how to set up and shoot a Bokeh shot. By the end of the day, my voice was G-O-N-E! But was a great experience!