Connecting Brands to Influencers

ApexDrop is an Influencer Marketing Agency that connects marketers looking to work with highly engaged micro-influencers with social media influences on Instagram.  

ApexDrop is a service agency that provides a turn-key solution. Now you may be thinking, what the heckety-heck is turn-key doing on Instagram? I worked in an industry where I managed and monitored turnkey solutions down to the penny before I had kiddos. Turnkey is often used in the technology industry to describe pre-built packages in which everything needed to perform a certain type of task is put together by the supplier and sold as a bundle. Such as pre-installed software, various types of hardware, and all the accessories. I built complex programs to track all of these turn-key sales for the company I used to work for. So why of all things would I mention turn-key and Instagram in the same sentence?

I am on the other end of turn-key today, I receive the goods that are ready for immediate use from the companies that provide the products. I let the general public know what products or goods are available for purchase, something they may not have known even existed. Basically, turn-key implies that the end user(the micro-influencers) just need to start using the product and post on their Instagram accounts. 

I have worked with various companies, agencies, and sponsors for the past decade through my blog, Tiaras & Tantrums. ApexDrop is one of these agencies. ApexDrop is an agency that connects me with companies that might be a great fit for my brand as well as theirs.

You may be wondering why you would elect to be a part of an agency instead of connecting with marketers or brands yourself. This certainly is a personal preference as every agency has different procedures, different customer service quality, and they all have different relationships with various brands. But by being a part of ApexDrop, I am able to garner introductions to unique companies and I can better select who I want to work with or who might be the best fit for Tiaras & Tantrums.  

ApexDrop concentrates almost exclusively on trade collaborations and gifting campaigns. Their goal is to connect quality influencers with quality brands while providing the most authentic campaign content possible. So basically what that means is ApexDrop influencers are content creators who enjoy getting invitations to receive FREE high quality gifts. I enjoy getting FREE high quality gifts or I should say, my kiddos REALLY enjoy getting FREE gifts!! (err, I save money!!)

Maybe you are interested in receiving invitations from brands to collaborate on campaigns? ApexDrop's mission is to change the way content creators create content. Content needs have changed over the past couple of years and creators are a great way to scale and diversify content for any brand. 

ApexDrop's first touchpoint between creator and brand is on-point. They connect their customers with their creators through a successful platform. Creators are notified via email, and/or text message about new collaborations with brands. Creators can then apply to and collaborate with brands on the ApexDrop platform. If I prefer, I can visit the ApexDrop dashboard under my profile and visit any open campaigns. I can discover new brands to partner with.

I am not invited to every collaboration, obviously and I am not accepted into every campaign that I apply, obviously. But, ApexDrop does select the brands that are the best fit for my brand and their marketers.  

The invitation contains an outline and this blueprint includes what ApexDrop and the brand would like to see in posts. In addition, there is also a “mood board” which guides the content that needs to be created. Basically the mood board kindles creativity, and sparks inspiration.

And, if I receive a product I do not like, which has never happened because ApexDrop doesn't select brands that are not a great fit for me, I do not have to post. To keep the campaigns authentic, ApexDrop does not require any member to post about products they dislike. If an influencer is unsatisfied with a product for any reason, they will simply provide honest, in-depth feedback in a survey at the end of the campaign.

Everyday brand content storytelling is something I love to do. I  create content that brings to life how my family enjoys the marketer's products. I create content that demonstrates how my family enjoys the products we receive.  The branded content I develop is from my point of view. I don't have to read through pages of instructions and parameters on the ApexDrop platform. I don't need to send any photos or verbiage for approval. I have never been asked to change or remove any content I have posted. I read through the clear and simple instructions on my profile once I have been selected for campaigns. I post on my personal instagram account and input my link and answer the questions related to the product. Simple as that. My family benefits from great products we received and the marketers benefit from my storytelling about their amazing products. 

In my images I try to show honest, original, fun, lighthearted, approachable and authentic photos.  I like to set a felling of positive energy in the tone of the images and never overly staged. I think the key is to use loads of natural light and incorporate the natural surroundings into my images using the products in my content.  I try to make the product the hero of the image since it’s sometimes a new product, and most definitely a new-to-my-family product. But mostly, I try to organically show the product the marketer has entrusted my family and my brand with. 

Are you ready to start a member application to become an ApexDrop influencer?