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Black in The Bean

Hosted at I Faces ~ Black

So, we have spent the last few days in the city exploring the magnificent mile and parks showcasing Chicago to my brother and his family, who happen to live in rural Iowa.

We went to "the bean"(aka Cloud Gate) as my children always call it and the sun was shining brightly on this particularly clear day which enabled me to capture some really fantastic shots of the amazing city skyline . . . and well, myself and my children. I really wanted to lay down under the bean and snap off a couple of myself . . . BUT . . . I also didn't want to look like a big dork . . . so I told my duaghter to lay under there instead.

Which turned out to be way more fun. I really love my city!

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It's The Simple Things This Week
I have been at a whirlwind pace these last few days . . . my brother and his small family have been here from rural Iowa and we wanted to ensure they had the full Chicago (long) weekend. We have been going at a breakneck pace since they have arrived. We are all literally running on fumes at the moment . . . but I had to post a peek of some of the photos from our long weekend of activities.
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It's Been An Odd Week
So, I have had this macro lens for some time now . . . I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this . . . but . . . I never could figure out how to use it . . . the other day I was sitting at my desk and was determined to figure it out . . . usually I would attempt and just end up getting entirely frustrated with the process and give up . . . this day . . . I was sitting with the camera to my eye and just looking . . . looking for some thing to focus on . . . and there . . . I caught a glimpse of some thing . . . not fuzzy . . . woo hoo . . .  what was it . . . I discovered if I put my lens directly next to the object I was always attempting to shoot . . . I could actually focus and get a fabulous shot . . . what an idiot I am . . . note to self . . . read the directions! Can you guess what this is?
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Days Seem To Get Away From Me

Days just seem to get away from me lately. There is so much to do in October . . . apples picking, pumpkin picking and pumpkin painting and pumpkin carving, petting zoos, amusement parks and bicycle rides, outdoor picnics and next up trick or treating . . . we are trying to stuff in all our outdoors activities before snow hits the ground here in Chicago.

There is a rush-ness(is that a word, I don't think that is a word) to our actions these days . . . wanting to get every last bit of sun we can from each and every day before the skies turn to gloom and doom . . . which is coming fast. The sun has already begun his speedy decent each evening instead of the long sunsets of summer.

The summer clothes have been moved out of dressers . . . the flip flops and sandals have been put away in the basement. Extra blankets have been taken out of cupboards and placed on the ends of beds for the cold nights that have crept up on us all here in the Midwest. Spring and summer jackets have been replaced with fall jackets and we have even brought up the hats and mittens for the extra cool mornings and evenings we have been having.

I suffer in the cold . . . I do not like living in the midwest . . . not one little bit . . . a piece of me shrivels up each little drop on the thermometer . . . . my toes and fingertips are forever cold these days and will be for the long winter that is fast approaching . . . I'm going to miss beautiful October . . . one of my favorite colorful months of the year.

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Fall. Family. Fresh.

October is by far my fullest camera month. What I mean is I usually end up taking more photos in the month of October than any other month (unless I am on vacation at Disney). This month is no exception and there are still 10 days left to snap away.

My little family of five has gone apple picking for the most delicious apples in the midwest . . . we have thrown hay into the air just to cover ourselves with it's rich goodness . . . and to make ourselves giggle as well . . . we have visted a wild west town and tried our hand at roping calves . . . we have taken screaming rides on death defying rollar coasters that matched the path of our lives this month . . . we've gone on nature hikes to locate new bugs and plot some land for school (homeschool) . . . we've climbed some trees . . . and breathed fresh air . . . and eaten caramel apples and had some parties  . . . we've done all this with the sun shining brightly down on us . . . my little family in the fall. . .

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Tickled Pink

Hosted at I Faces ~ Tickled Pink

When I was growing up, pink was not a very popular color. My bedroom was white with spots of red and blue, but mostly just white. White furniture, white sheets, white duvet, white curtains . . . white, white white. It was very boring and all I ever wanted was to have a pink bedroom.

When I found out I was pregnant with a girl {the first time}, I knew without a doubt I would be painting my soon to be baby daughter's room pink. Pink everywhere, in fact! I found the most perfect shade of pink to match the most perfect pink toile fabric that matched the most perfect pink rug and so on and so forth. My daughter's room is lush with pink. (sometimes I sneak in to watch her and smile because I know she is having happy dreams in there).

When I found out I was pregnant again with yet another girl, I couldn't believe my luck that I would get to decorate another room fully in pink. Which, naturally, I did. This time I chose two exquisite shades of pink that complimented each other beautifully. I found the most beautiful, lush, pink chiffon fabric for the curtains and bedspread and rug and so on and so forth.

Pink, pink, pink wherever you look  in my daughter's rooms. I love it! I love having two daughters. I love having two little girls whose closets I can fill with the most adorable pink outfits. I can't imagine being surrounded by any other color right now.

I know this is not the greatest photo since there is a shadow in my little one's face . . . but I love this snapshot because it clearly shows the delicate nature of my wee girl . . . her gentle touch to the pretty wildflowers is exactly how she approaches her life day to day . . . she was standing still looking at her pretty wildflowers, gently holding them while off  in the next frame was her spirited sister climbing trees and shouting from the treetops . . . and her brilliant brother looking for life adventures on the other side of her . . . while she . . . my beautiful baby . . . stood patiently beside me . . . my little pink poppet . . . who tickles me pink.

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This past weekend we took the children to the wild west . . . for some pony rides, petting zoo, pumpkin painting, spooky train rides, carousal rides, car coaster rides, cowboy roping lessons, kiddie canoe rides, kiddie hand car rides, tomahawk throwing and a couple of different ranges were there as well, slingshot, popgun and archery.

Every year we visit the wild west and visit the Indian where the children can trade in their special beads for a pumpkin, hang out in a tepee and see 'real' wild west shows throughout the day. The shows are the same as last year and the year before, but my kids could care less . . . they really love to watch the outlaws and marshall shut everything up.

"Eustace" really stole the show . . .

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