Back To School Photography Session

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Back to School

We have completed our first full week of 'back to school'. My son had a bit of a freak out on Tuesday morning. He had his first full day of 7th grade on Monday at consortium and when I picked him up, he was elated beyond words. I think he smiled until he woke up and saw his syllabus on Tuesday morning. He had such a fabulous day and acclimated to skipping a grade immediately (Thank you Lord!). Wonderful teachers and great students in his class, because it really could have gone the other way quite easily. He was looking over his syllabus and got a bit confuse on an assignment and suddenly was very upset that he was a 7th grader and it was too hard. We had a bit of a sit down, some hugs, loads of reassurance and some explaining and he was off for the rest of the week with his smile again. Wheew!

The above photo is from the mini back to school photo session I did. This is one of the first photos I took and my son was less than pleased with me that I was 'forcing' him to 'take more dumb pictures'. Towards the middle of the session, he started to have fun and and at the end he was laughing it up. I'm hoping I still have a couple more years of coaxing him in on these sessions, although I think I am nearing the end.

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The below photo is one I take every year of the children, sitting atop their books. The pile has now grown to piles of books and my tow oldest can't even stack all their books into one pile any longer! Once again, my son was less than pleased with me!

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Writing Utensil

My girls love these new crayons we purchased for school this year.

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Favorite Subject

Naturally, the favorite subject of my girls is Art. They are both so artistic and sit and draw, write, color, paint ---- CREATE ---- for hours. This is from our small sumi paint kit.

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Recreation Wrapped in our nation!