Carnival Circus Birthday Party

Carnival Circus Birthday Party

Hosting a Carnival Circus Birthday Party is a huge task/undertaking . . . but a FUN one!

Go big or go home I say for my children's birthdays. My little one was turning five and we had yet to host her a friend birthday party because she is so shy. She is quick to tears and gets upset very easy. She stated she was ready for a birthday party and wanted to invite all her school pals. She wanted a real elephant, but that was something I simply could not pull off. The pony did just fine though.


Party Decorations

The party decorations are from everywhere. Hobby Lobby, Oriental Trading, Michael's, Party store. Basically wherever I could locate anything with a circus and or carnival theme, I gravitated towards it.

The Games

The games are separated by steel rods poked into the ground with PVC pipe atop. I simply rolled crepe paper around each pole for added decoration. We had a BullsEye, Ring Toss, Can Toss, Hole in One, Hula Hoops, Body Boppers (SO MUCH FUN), and Duck Fishing.

I had a table set up for face painting and my niece was the one gearing up this and she had a blast. Literally, if you don't want to hire anyone professionally, grab a tween and let them run with it. I did hire a balloon twister and she wasn't that great, so I was a bit disappointed with her.

I made all the paper signs myself by purchasing some images and then buying a lovely circus font and presto. Super easy to make and super easy to print. I created the invitations in the same manner and hand delivered to my daughter's school pals at school with a box of animal crackers.


We rented a popcorn machine and what a hit. The smell was delicious all afternoon. Hot dogs, marshmallows, meringues, chips, watermelon, cotton candy and loads and loads of candy. I purchased some hydrophone cubes from the $1 store and wrapped them up with fun wrapping paper and poked the lollypops into the 'presents'.


I wanted a carnival cake, but little girl would have no part of that and insisted on a horse cake! The party was a huge success with friends and family. I had my son and a couple of his friends monitor the games for the little ones and pass out the prizes. If I were to do this again, I would pass on the pony because the children barely rode the pony after one ride. All the children were having more fun with my husband who had a long line of kids waiting to be pushed on our tree swing (it's a good one).


The party was fun and tons of work, but worth it. Little girl cried about five times throughout the day (which is normal). I do wish she would have been a bit happier this day, but she is getting better around people. Some of our friends actually told us they had never even heard her speak until this day.

I still have all the supplies for this party, so if you live in the Chicago area and want to hire me, I am happy to arrange a Carnival Circus Party for you child!