Bathrooms and the Color Purple

I always insist on purple flowers each Spring on my front stoop . . . I refuse to purchase any other color. I adore these little lovelies.

I'm not really fond of the color purple . . . in any shade. It's odd I think that I don't like purple. No, let me rephrase that one . . . I like the color purple, however, I do not like to wear the color purple. Ever. It looks horrible with red hair(my red hair that is). My daughters on the other hand . . . love purple. They insist on wearing the color purple daily and it cracks me up. Here they are above all decked out in purple and wanting their toes and fingers to match.

I've been taking photos of myself in bathrooms for years! I love this challenge . . . just look at my old posts titled What Are You Wearing and that is all you will see . . . photos of me in the bathroom!

This is me and two of my little ones in the bathroom by the pool on vacation in FL this past March. I was attempting a solo photo and the little ones jumped in too! The lightening was very poor and I couldn't use the flash, so the photo is not great, but has a great memory instead!