What's Up Chick?


Our new baby chicks started hatching on the third of this month and continued on through the night and by morning all were hatched, except the three eggs that we added in later when room opened up in the incubator. We missed the very first little hatchling, but sat in awe watching numbers two and three hatch.

chicks (1 of 1).jpg
chicks (2 of 1).jpg

I videotaped the second little chick hatching for my children to have wonderful memories. That little chicka up there is named Mitchell, the first hatchling, my son's, he was so estatic that his egg hatched first.

The children really {really} want to keep their chicks, but I do not think this momma can handle chickens running around her yard. Alas, we will be dropping off these little ones to a local farmer next week.

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At first, I fretted ever so much about the baby chicks welfare and wouldn't let the children handle the chicks unless they were in the bin and under the light. Now, the chicks are loved on daily at all hours.

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This is Mitchell, all 15 days of him. Chicks grow fast, just look at the amazing feathers.This little one is Mosh, his feathers are simply beautiful. He is quite the little cheeper, the loudest of the bunch and clearly the boss of the gang of chicks. How's that for being the last one to hatch.

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These two are the babies that hatched four days ago . . . just too adorable.

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We are having so much fun watching the chicks lose their down and get those absolutely beautifully designed feathers. Talk about symmetry! The coloring on some of the faces or the little spot of white in the midst of black, the cinnamon reddish colors, they all speak directly to a Creator who has infinite ideas about artistry on these little beauties.

chicks (9 of 1).jpg

Hard to believe that they change in such a short time!