Capture: COLORS


Okay, now seriously this week I have been so sick . . . laid out on the sofa sick, which I never do. I have even passed out in a dead sleep on the sofa from sheer numbness in the brain befuddled by a head cold.

I don't think I have EVER taken a nap on my sofa!
I feel like crap to say the least.
At least I did, I am feeling much better now.


I was looking forward to getting out and taking photos this week of COLOR because everything is so green and beautiful right now. Alas, I was foiled by my present state of health. The photos below were all taken on Mother's Day. {The day I started to feel so poorly.}

However, it was a gorgeous day outside and I was able to capture some beautiful photos of COLOR.
Naturally, my children are in most of the photos.

I normally edit my photos in Photobucket. I am have tried to use PhotoShop prior and I really can not figure it out. (I don't know if it is me, yes, it is likey me, but PS is just not user friendly). Therefore, my photos have alwasy been very limited in their editing. That is until the other day . . . I was visiting a blog and she had this link up, so I followed it and downloaded it and I AM LOVING IT! It took me a minute or two to figure it out, but I GOT IT. Usually I give up and walk away defeated. Below are the wonderful photos that I edited using Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom.


the RED hydrant in my parkway

the PURPLE pansies in my flower bed

the very BLUE sky above me(I cheated a bit, this photo is a couple of weeks old)

my handsome son in his new ROYAL BLUE baseball uniform

my daughter's COLORFUL striped pants

The GREEN grass

my son's striped RED & BLUE shirt

my son & daughter running hand in hand playing ~ a plethora of COLORS

my youngest daughter outside in a very BRIGHT dress

baby girl once again collecting some worms in her COLORFUL frock