What is May to you?


I sit here today thinking of what this month will bring . . . many things I am sure . . . but mostly the last of strep throat and the flu and runny noses and sneezes and snot and diarrhea. Which is what this house is suffering with right now. Good bye to the sick days and hello to the sunny days of Spring! This month I will be thinking of the following . . .
  • trees blooming and turning green
  • mimosas on Mother's Day
me & my children on Mother's Day 2009~everyone is sick
    • going fishing with the children
    • flip flops and sandals
  • tossing scrapes of bread to the geese
  • sunshine in the morning waking me up
  • daily trips to the park
  • the sun on my face
  • bugs and ants and butterflies
  • BBQs
  • opening the windows
  • sunscreen and suntans
  • the end of school
  • sundresses and ponytails
  • picnics and baseball
What is May to you?