I Feel Pretty


I'm very behind today (well tonight  as I always write my posts ahead of time) . . . I have been running around like a madwomen today as I have been stuck home for four days with sick kids. Only leaving twice this week to take two children to the Dr's office.
My son has strep throat and my baby girl has double ear infections and bronchitis.

My daughter had dress rehearsal for her recital Wednesday night which was over in exactly five minutes so that was painless. Her recital was tonight though. I fluff her up and make her beautiful and we arrive there and she starts to flutter about and wilt. I asked her what was the matter and she started to cry . . . it was so sad. She has been working so hard on her routine (momma learned it and we have been practicing for weeks) and has been very excited for this evenings recital. Poor darling daughter was nervous and flustered. We settled her down and took some photos and gave hugs and kisses and went to find our seats.

As we are sitting and waiting for the recital to start the people who had seats next to us walked down the aisle. The little girls didn't want to sit in the seat by me (what kid does) and I notice the mother trying to get someone other than herself to sit in the seat next to me. No one would and she clearly did NOT want to sit there. Whatever I think. Then she finally comes over and I see her and I think . . . Hey I know you and I am about to say so and she sits down and turns her back to me. And it is then that I realize that she recognized me first and did not want to speak to me. I was not the least bit offended and actually got a chuckle out of it. I don't really know her anyway, I used to work with her husband years ago and actually went to their wedding.
People can be so weird.


Naturally minutes before the recital is to begin my other daughter shouts to the rafters that she needs to go potty. So off I trot out of the auditorium to take her, finding out on my exit that I will not be let back in until in between dances. Once I am let back in the auditorium, it is pitch black. I can not see to walk to find my seat. So I stand there waiting for the stage lights and high tail it to my seat. I sit down and baby girl is on my lap dancing away to the beat of the music (it was very cute). I hear mumblings behind me but am not really paying attention. Baby girl is all over the place on my lap trying to get a good eyeful of the stage, but not being overly crazy.

Next I receive a tap on my shoulder and a loud voice states to me "that is my daughter on stage and I can't see". I was not moving a bit and baby girls head is lower than mine so I didn't know what the problem was. So I state, "do you want me to chop my head off". The routine ends, light go out and I hear more grumblings and clearly "I don't know why she had to walk in on the middle of the song and sit there and flip her hair all over the place" . I turn around and say "Are you kidding me?" And the husband replies, "no, we are not" and I simply state "Grow Up".

But let me say this . . . I was fuming! First of all, when else was I supposed to sit down? Second of all, I did not deliberately try to ruin your view. Thirdly, I was not flipping my hair . . . my hair is long, when I sit down, I always have to move it or I am leaning on it. And lastly, I was not even sitting directly in front of this lady!

We ended up leaving a couple of numbers after my daughter's dance as the baby girl was standing in front of me shouting "I want to go home" "Can we go home now" "I W-A-N-T To GO HOMEEEEE".

I had to get special permission to excuse my daughter from the babysitting room. Seriously, I was told, we are not letting any children out until the entire recital is over. I told her, I have two sick kids and my baby is disrupting the entire auditorium and I am NOT standing in the hall for an hour to wait for my daughter to be excused(and it is my fricking kid so hand her over). Really, you going to hold my daughter hostage or something? And I wasn't comfortable leaving her down there in the first place!

It was such a strange evening and I feel a bit foggy from it.

I'll say this, we are not doing ballet next recital season!

On a positive note, my daughter looked amazing and so adorable up on stage and I actually got tears in my eyes.

Oh and my husband thanked me for almost getting him in a fight!

Like I needed any help!

ps - sorry for the poor quality of photos . . . bad lighting, I was far away, baby girl was on my lap, I was miffed, and Lightroom stopped working for me (the biggest boohoo right now).