Can One Be Too Assiduous?

Busy, bustling spring is here. As soon as March 1st occurred, I have been at a pace that is unbelievable. I don't even have time to say, 'I don't have time'

My two oldest hit a milestone this week. After two year, my son had his braces removed and it ever so elated. My daughter on the other hand will begin the two year process and had braces put on her teeth.My poor daughter thinks she is ugly now. Being a child is so tough!

I sent my husband out last week for a night out with his girls to attend a Daddy Daughter Dance. The girls were so excited to actually have dad home for the evening AND he was going to dance with them.The dance was through our local park district and while the district didn't provide a fabulous atmosphere, they didn't seem to notice. They both had a great time and even told me in whispers while I was tucking them into bed "Dad was nice the whole night". So I count this as a huge success.

As everyone knows, I'm practically a single parent as much as my husband works. He literally is never home and if he is home, he is not available as he is always working. Working in the office, working on the phone, working on his computer. Working, working working. I guess that is what happens when your spouse works with companies that are in Asia.

He works too much though, he always has, as long as I have known him. Sadly, he bores quickly if he is not working or focused on working. I was planning our spring break vacation back during the holidays and I couldn't get him to commit more than a week to me. He simply wouldn't budge on the fact that he just could not get away from the office. I had to put my foot down on this one. I told him that he works bloody hard for his salary and why can't he ever enjoy it. All that comment got me was one more week.

In a couple of weeks, we will be heading out of the country on a family vacation that I hope my husband will enjoy. He has already informed me that he is bringing his laptop and will have to work "some hours". I have told him ever so pleasantly that I {and the children} will not be sitting in a hotel room watching him work and waiting. Sadly, I have done this too many times to count.

I have planned our days and packed them so full of activities and excursions that I'm hoping I can force my husband to relax and enjoy his time away from the office. The children are growing so fast and he is missing out on so much and he just doesn't realize it. We've blinked and a decade has gone by and he has already missed so much.

Since my husband works so much, the daily activities of our household fall solely on my shoulders. Thus, I am insanely busy most of the time. Although lately, time seems to have slipped from my grasp and I am running out of it. I fear that I am beginning to miss out on moments as well because of all the little things that add up to a big amount of time. Time is stealing moments from my children.

I'm looking forward to this vacation. I won't be bringing my cell phone and I will not be bringing my laptop. I will bring along my tablet for the kiddos to use and enjoy on the airplane and trains{and hopefully I won't be enticed to 'play' either}. But for me, this break will be all that. A break from all the little tasks that are stealing precious moments away from my children.

We've decorated our Mananzita potted branch for Easter and it looked so whimsical this year. We won't be able to fully enjoy it since we are leaving soon. Easter is fast approaching.