Spools of Ribbons

Spools of ribbon make me happy . . .


. . . because I have been so terribly busy of late . . . I really haven't had the opportunity to enjoy my camera . . .  and this makes me sad . . . I've been flitting about this week packing, scouring for last minutes purchases for our Euro vacation, cramming in two weeks of school work to hand in tomorrow, planning for conference/mini vacation I plan to attend in May {and I'm bringing my sister-in-law and cousins as well} . . . don't even ask me how many days it has been since I've washed my hair . . . to top all this busy-ness off, my little one has come down with a terrible cold and I am really trying to nip this little bug before she boards a plane or we all will be quite miserable . . . I ordered a new lens and have not even had the opportunity to play around with it . . . until yesterday . . . I simply stopped what I was doing and took a deep breathe and grabbed my camera and just took a walk about my house looking for something to calm frazzled nerves . . . I gathered a few items from here and there and started snapping away . . . it was just what I needed to give myself a little pick me up . . . back to packing . . .