Live. Eat. Breathe. Photography.

 . . . so it seems that these two little poppets laugh more than they breathe . . .


I really wanted to do this photo outdoors, but we have been slammed with some really cold weather this week and there is no way I would have been able to let the girls lay on the icy, cold ground. Thus, a bit of studio setup in my house again and we were off. I wanted the girls to be on the serious side and I couldn't seem to stop the giggles, so I just went with the peals of laughter instead. They were trying so very hard not to giggle, but it just didn't work.


I think I take these challenges a bit too literal as well. Blue had me wondering which direction to go. I could have take some selfies and made an attempt to be all super sad, but I knew it just wouldn't work out well. So, I opted for the literal sense of blue.


These blueberries didn't even make it one day in our house!