Best Face

New Year. New Look. New Challenge. Best Face.

Best Face . . . what does that mean? I'm not sure. Best super, silly face . . . best determined face . . . best happy face . . . best sad face . . . best pretty face . . . best what face?

I have loads of best face photos of my children (although one could say that I am slightly biased), but I am not sure if these photos are best photo face material.

I went through my photos from December and January and just couldn't find the most perfect 'Best Face' photo. I took the children to LegoLand today and have tons of photos for the scrapbooks. I actually had three that I loved the most and couldn't decide what to pick for this week. One photo was of the profile of my daughter, whom I happen to have caught looking rather beautiful and soft. But does beautiful and soft mean 'best face'? I had another photo of my little one looking at me upside down through her legs. It is one spectacular super, silly face. But again, is it the 'best face'?

I finally decided on the one photo below, of my little one. She had just come down the slide, laying down and sat up . . . with her hair sticking every which way . . . full of static. It was hilarious! She was spitting her hair out of her mouth and licking her face and clearly not pleased with her hair. Such a girl moment she was having with her curls. I could literally melt in the chocolate of her eyes!

So, is this photo the 'Best Face' . . . . I certainly think so . . . today anyway!