Most Embarrassing Moment

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Have you ever walked out stark naked in front of one of your husband's friends? I have! Yep! Totally in all my glory! For all his eyes to ogle! He told my husband that he didn't see me. But later confessed tome that he did see me. He apologized, but it was totally my fault. I didn't think anyone was with my husband and out of our bedroom I waltzed! Let me tell you, I NEVER leave my bedroom now without a robe on! A lesson well learned!

Did you discover that you once dated your child's teachers spouse? Again, this has never happened to me. Very luckily! I have never run across anyone that I have dated while with my husband or my children. I find this to be a fantastic streak of luck!

I was with my brother once, leaving the K-Mart store with a cart full of soda cans(just purchased). The parking lot had a bit of an incline out of the store. My bother hopped up on the cart to "ride" the cart down the incline. The cart tipped over and soda cans went flying, opening and spraying soda all over him and anyone that was walking by. I literally almost peed my pants it was so funny! I'm laughing now thinking about this. He stills does NOT think it was funny!

Did you get caught doing a home facial by a new boyfriend?
Walk into the men's restroom by mistake? I do this often still HA HA!
Have a wardrobe malfunction as a teenager?
Have a Marilyn Monroe moment?

Tell me, what is YOUR most embarrassing moment?

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