A new decade starts today

A new decade starts today. . . I'm ready for 2010 . . . with my arms wide open !

This years I WILL: recycle more, eat clean, be more patient with my children, realize I am not perfect, go to church more, read the bible each and every day(I can't seem to make it past the month of May), GET IN SHAPE, be gracious AND kind , get pregnant, play with my kids more, worry less, laugh more, have date nights with my husband, learn more about Photoshop, shoot on manual, see a movie without my children, get a personal trainer, walk the dog regularly, get my hair done, get in shape, go to bed before 2 am!

This year I WON'T: gossip, complain, judge, be so hard on myself, let my brother walk all over me, stand up for myself more talk bad about myself, shy away from making new friends, sleep in on Sunday mornings!

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